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Equipment for manufacturing of foamed concrete
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Automated lines for foamed concrete products manufacturing

The company designs and provides automated plants for manufacturing goods of non-autoclaved foamed concrete.



Our company’s professionals have designed the Automated Cutting Machine ARK-004 (2G) for aerated, foam or polystyrene concrete blocks and other materials. 

ARK Cutting machine for foamed concrete


Automated system which helps you to exclude a lot of manual operations and increase labor efficiency.

DG-1 Crusher


Crusher grindes foamed concrete, aerated concrete, polystyrene concrete and others to size 0-30 mm.

Chemical admixtures batcher


Chemical admixtures batcher is designed for weight dosing of powder-like chemical admixtures during technological process. Dosing quantity is specified by operator.

Aeration system


Equipment set for aeration systems is designed for adjustment, treatment and control of air flow supplied to elements. Set for loosening system is used in different industries.

RS-1000 Mobile Station (with in-built foam generator)


Politern Machine is used for production of foam and polystyrene concrete of various densities.  

GN-10 Gerotor pump


GN-10 gerotor pump is meant for pressure transfer of foamed concrete and polystyrene concrete mortars with  fibroglass or solid particle up to 5 mm. 

GN-20 Gerotor pump


Designed for supplying polystyrene concrete, foamed concrete and also paint and plaster mortars,  paste fillers, emulsions and other materials to work place.

Water gauge


DV-1700 batcher of water and liquid components of through type is meant for dosing of different not aggressive and heavy liquids (water, solutions, liquid components and mortars). 



Our company offers piston-type compressors Aircast C-100LB40, C-200LB40. Compressor is needed for foam generator operation and pressurization. 

Molds for foamed concrete pouring


Molds for ready blocks formation and molds for mass formation designed for following sawing into blocks of specified sizes. All molds answer requirements of wear resistance and quality.


Belt conveyor


Belt conveyor is meant for transportation of bulk materials in horizontal and inclined directions. It is possible to produce belt conveyors of different efficiency and dimensions.

Big-Bag Debagger


Debagger is meant for discharge and further transportation of bulk materials from container to the tank, cement truck, weigh hopper, etc. using screw conveyor. 

Screw conveyor


Screw conveyor is meant for horizontal and inclined transportation of fines (cement, fly ash). It provides stable feed of materials into process equipment.

Automatic weigh hopper


Hopper is designed for weigh dosing and feeding of inert and binding materials in manual and automatic mode.

Hopper (silo) for cement storage


Silo is a welded tank of cylindrical form with cone bottom. It is structured for intake of fines (cement, fly ash) from cement trucks and their storage.