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Equipment for manufacturing of foamed concrete
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Polystyrene concrete



Polystyreneconcrete is light concrete with expanded polystyrene granules as filler. Polystyrene concrete refers to light concrete grade and it has obvious goods on other materials of this group.
Distinctive features: 
  • high strength under low average density; 
  • high cold resistance; 
  • low heat conductivity. 


Depending on densitypolystyrene concrete can be divided into the following types:

  • insulating, 
  • insulating and structural 
One of its advantages is ability to produce insulating polystyrene concrete of low density (less than 300 kg/m3). Insulating characteristics of such material are higher.
 Range of use of polystyrene concrete:
  • cavity wall insulation;
  • solid heat insulation of floors, roofs and walls; 
  • insulation slabs; 
  • in situ walls; 
  • polystyrene concrete blocks.