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Equipment for manufacturing of foamed concrete
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Panels, plates, blocks of polystyrene concrete. Irkutsk, Russia


In April 2023, our Company’s specialists launched a new production line for EPS concrete panels and blocks with the throughput of 50 cu.m per shift into operation. It was ordered by Irkutsk Plant of Block Structures. The financing was provided by the Irkutsk Region Entrepreneurship Fund.

Irkutsk Plant of Block Structures Company has been engaged in manufacturing EPS concrete panels and residential construction, starting with design development and ending with house erection, doing that in minimum time - it takes 10 days to manufacture pre-fabricated house and 3 days to assemble it. Irkutsk Plant of Block Structures Company used to utilize another manufacturer’s equipment which did not satisfy their needs in throughput and performance. The new line makes possible to manufacture not only panels but also blocks of various sizes.

Our Company’s experts improved it and developed a new technology of EPS concrete production, optimized the formula with the help of up-to-date additives which made it possible to bring down the product cost. High demand for their products and progressive development enable Irkutsk Plant of Block Structures Company to plan expansion of production facilities in the near future so that they will be able to satisfy clients’ needs in top-quality, affordable and quick-mounting housing.





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