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Equipment for manufacturing of foamed concrete
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Process of vibrocompression is basically the following: semi-dry concrete mixture in press mold (matrix) is placed on vibrating frame. From above male mold presses mixture until it is completely compact. Male mold is vibrating item which has shape converse to matrix shape. Mane mold perfectly fits matrix, like piston and cylinder. Then mane mold and matrix raise leaving ready product on the pallet.

Properties of vibrocompression blocks are specified by the following methods:
  • selection of inert additives;
  • insertion of modifying additives and plasticizers.
Products obtained by vibrocompression method have high grade strength (??200-??400) and also high frost resistance (200-300 cycles). These quality characteristics provide especial lifetime of projects built with vibrocompression blocks usage.
Using vibrocompression method you can get the following products:
  • paving slab,
  • kerbs,
  • wall and fence blocks,
  • shaft blocks,
  • blocks for faggoting and etc.
Vibrocompression blocks have high degree of environmental compatibility. There is no need to apply furnaces and chemical agents. Concrete blocks made by method of semi-dry vibrocompression satisfy requirements for materials used in construction of high quality, long-life and good looking housing.
  • Vibrocompression block is a long-life material providing reliability, fire safety and good acoustic insulation;
  • block is one of the most low-cost construction materials;
  • it is comfortable to use blocks in construction and repairing;
  • block is a good choice for all types of damp flooring;
  • block is easy to plaster;
  • block doesn’t require any regulatory further treatment, and can be independent façade material. It can be colored (if using pigment), sledged (natural stone structure), and can have any structure, shape and color of surface.