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Equipment for manufacturing of foamed concrete
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Water treatment system

Water treatment system is meant for water metering, warming and desired temperature maintenance.

Water warming and feed to collection bowl are performed through electric boiler and circulation system. Metering volume is specified by operator. System capacity is up to 17 m3/hr. Metering range is 1-9999 l.

The system consists of heating, collecting and metering parts installed on one frame.

Control panels adjust all units operation. Cold water is supplied to the system through input section where ball hand crane and solenoid operated hydraulic valve are situated. Solenoid operated hydraulic valve stops feed when vessel is full. 

Water enters the boiler, is heated to specified parameters and then is fed to the bowl. When desired volume of water is supplied, heated water feed stops.

Then circulation pump starts. Water collected in the bowl circulates through the boiler. So temperature stays the same. Metering start doesn’t depend on heating and level in the bowl. Metered water quantity is adjusted with the control panel.



 Capacity, cub.m/hr


 Metering range m/hr

1- 2000

 Increment of volume display, l


 Fractional error limit in flow range 170÷17400 l/hr


 Additional fractional error limit in flow range for each 10 0??


 Max liquid pressure MPa


 Content of solid and gaseous substances, max

1% of the volume

 Operating voltage

130-265?’, 50 cycle per second

 Input power, kW


 Dimensional specifications:








 Weight (kg) not more than


Operating temperature range

Storage temperature acceptable range
 Relative humidity
 El. Cabinets IP


5o?? to +50o??

-20o?? to +50o??

to 80%



 Operational mode



Water heating and dosing system structure.

1 –Vessel(s) for water 
2 – “DV-1700” Water batcher and control panel 
3 – Feed pump (for mixing area) 
4 - Solenoid operated hydraulic valve
5 – Electrical boiler 
6 – System control panel 
7 – Circulation pump 
8 – Float switch

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