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Equipment for manufacturing of foamed concrete
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Automatic weigh hopper



To make quality mixture automatic weigh hopper is used. High-duty hopper (batcher) is designed for weigh measuring of inert, viscous materials and for loading them into the mixer.


The batcher is loaded with the help of belt or screw conveyors. Value of material weight is passed to strain sensors. From strain sensors signal goes to weight  measuring terminal, is translated and only then weighing result is developed.


Continuous action weigh hopper is fully automated which means high accuracy and speed of batching, reducing costs and minimizing human factor. Shutters with pneumatic drives can be disc or knife. When batching process is over damper opens and materials are unloaded into the mixer.



  • hopper;
  • strain sensors;
  • weight measuring terminal;
  • damper with pneumatic drive;
  • vibrator.


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