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Equipment for manufacturing of foamed concrete
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Automatic Batching System ADK-40


Automatic Batching System ADK-40



This system is meant for automatic batching of raw components in manufacturing blown-out and light concrete. Efficiency is 40 m3/shift. 
“ADK-40” system is a ready perfect decision for plants producing foamed concrete, polystyrene concrete and aerated concrete. ADK-40 is a single unit ready for operation.
All parts are characterized with high reliability and show good results in operation.
ADK-40 includes:
  • bridge, mixer,
  • 2-section weigh hopper,
  • electronic control panel,
  • water dosing section,
  • EPS granules volumetric batcher (for polystyrene concrete production)*
Operating principle:
  1. Operator sets required density on the control panel. Control system memory can keep several recipes for different density.
  2. After pressing button “start” pump supplies required amount of water through electronic batcher to the mixer. 
  3. Cement and sand (or fly ash) are automatically fed to the weigh batcher by screw and belt conveyors. The weigh batcher has strain gages. After dosing, feeding stops automatically. 
  4. Raw materials are unloaded into the mixer through damper on the hopper which has pneumatic drive.   
Automated supply of raw materials. “ADK-40” system has electronic control system for supply and dosing of raw materials, so dosing is stable.  Uniformity and accuracy of water dosing arises from using electronic batcher DV-1700.
Due to materials loading-unloading speed the system is high quality. Output products from our clients are certified.



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