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Equipment for manufacturing of foamed concrete
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RSG-500 ?€“ Equipment for manufacturing polystyrene concrete blocks


Dimensions, mm: 2500?…900?…1300 
Maintenance staff: 2 persons 
Weight, kg, max: 500 kg
Mixing tank volume, l: 500 
Capacity, m3/hour: 3 
Input power, kW: 4,5 
Density range of output foamed concrete: 200-1200 kg/ m3 

We offer you a modern and efficient air-tight mixer RGS-500. It is meant for production of foamed concrete and polystyrene concrete mixtures.
This installation consists of the following parts:
  • Airtight container, volume 500 liters:
  • Foam generator,
  • Control panel;
  • Gear motor.

Mixing mechanism consists of two oppositely directed screws which provide quality stirring.

RSG-500 helps producing foamed concrete mixture and supplying it to usage area. Mixture feeding is provided with compressor which makes overpressure in the mixer. Distance of mixture feeding is up to 30 meters horizontally and up to 6 meters vertically.

Control panel is placed on the mixer and controls all operations. RSG-500 ability to produce quality polystyrene concrete blocks is combined witheasiness of maintenance and service.
Multifunctioning of this equipment allows using it as a part of automated lines for foamed concrete and polystyrene concrete production.
Purchasing RSG-500 you also will get:
  • Drawings for molds;
  • Regulations of foamed concrete and polystyrene concrete production;
  • Set of GOSTs;
  • Recommendations for use; 
  • Warranty maintenance for 12 months;
  • 10 m of rubber tube; and also visit of our technologist to your plant.

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