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Equipment for manufacturing of foamed concrete
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RSG-1000 Mixer of polystyrene concrete


Dimensions, mm: 3250?…1010?…1320 
Supply voltage, V: 380 
Maintenance staff: 1 person 
Weight, kg: 700 kg
Vessel volume, l: 1000 
Capacity, m3/hour: 
Input power, kW: 5,5 
RSG-1000 is airtight mixer for production and following feed of foamed concrete and polystyrene concrete.
This system consists of:
  • Airtight container, volume 1000 liters;
  • Foam generator;
  • Control panel;
  • Gear motor. 
Mixture uniformity and stirring quality depend on mixing mechanism which is a part of the equipment for polystyrene concrete blocks.
The mixer design is quite simple, and allows not using any additional pumps supplying mixture to concrete placing, so  these processes are performed due overpressure made by compressor. Also, this equipment for polystyrene concrete blocks production has additional safety valve. During mixture unloading the safety valve controls overpressure. Distance of mixture feed is 20-30 m in horizontal plane and 5-6 m in vertical plane.  
Control panel runs all functions. This installation can be used not only as an independent unit, but also as a part of automated lines offered by our company.
If you decide to purchase the equipment for polystyrene concrete blocks production you also will get:


  • Drawings for molds;
  • Regulations of foamed concrete and polystyrene concrete production;
  • GOSTs;
  • Personal training; 
  • Warranty maintenance and following advising;
  • 10 m of rubber tube;
  • possible visit of our technologist to start and adjust RSG-500 (RSG-1000).

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