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Equipment for manufacturing of foamed concrete
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RS-1000 Mobile Station (with in-built foam generator)


Throughput, cu. m per hour
Dimensions, mm
Weight, kg, not exceeding
 700 kg
Supply voltage, V
Mixing vat volume, l 
 1 person
RS-1000 Mobile Station & Politern Machine is used for production of foam and polystyrene concrete of various densities.  An in-built gerotor pump allows you to transport prepared mixtures under pressure to grout beds. The station can be operated both is steady-state conditions and on construction sites. RS-1000 Politern Machine can be used for walls cast-in-situ, when arranging for floor screeds, for heat- and sound-proofing of roofs, attics, and basements. The mixture prepared can be transported over the distance of about 120* m horizontally and up to 30* m vertically. For foam concrete production, the station is equipped with an in-built foam generator. The station throughput is up to 6 cu. m per hour. The control cabinet mounted on the station body enables one operator to control all the functions.  
The station is made up of the following sub-assemblies:
  • Compounding vessel (volume of 1,000 l) is used for mixture preparation;
  • Mixing screw conveyor is used for mixing components;
  • Gear motor for mixing screw conveyor drive transmits rotation through a vee belt drive;
  • Foam generator is used for foam generation during foam concrete production;
  • Single screw pump is used for pumping the mixture from the compounding vessel through pipelines to a grout bed;
  • Electric motor for pump drive transmits rotation to the pump through a vee belt drive;
  • Electric cabinet which has station control buttons on its panel.


Technical Specifications:
  Volume of compounding vessel, l 1000
  Station throughput, cu. m per hour 5-6
  Gerotor pump throughput, cu. m per hour 17**
  Max. distance of horizontal mixture transportation, m 120
  Max. distance of vertical mixture transportation, m 30
  Power of mixing screw conveyor, kW 4,0
  Gerotor pump drive power, kW 7,5
  Dimensions (L*W*H), mm 1800*1520*1250
  Weight, kg (not exceeding) 700
  Diameter of mixture transportation hose, mm 65
* Transportation distance is defined for mixture consistency of 13 cm as per GOST 5802-86. 
When mixture consistency is changed, the transportation distance also changes.
** Throughput is set for pumping of water.
Buying RS-1000, you also get:


  • A highly reliable station;
  • Process procedure for foam and polystyrene concrete production;
  • Process procedure for foam and polystyrene concrete cast in situ;
  • Recommendations for product use;
  • GOSTs required for production;
  • 12-month after-sales service, advisory service of manufacturing technicians;
  • Manufacturing technician’s on-site visit for station adjustment, mixture proportioning, working out operating practices for item production and in-situ casting, or personnel training (optional). 


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