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Equipment for manufacturing of foamed concrete
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RK-3 Cutting mashine



Uncut dimensions, mm:                    1198?…598?…295 
Installed capacity, kW                           2,2 
Carriage dimensions, mm                 2995?…1325?…1966 
Volume of mold, m3                             0,84/1,47 
Total set weight, kg                              350
“RK-3” cutting machine is a multifunction system which allows cutting of foamed concrete, polystyrene concrete or gas concrete into separate blocks of required sizes. For source masses molding molds of series FM-0,84 m3 or FM-1,47 m3 are used. Sizes of mass for cutting differ depending on production requirements. Obtained blocks are characterized with permanent length and height and width is specified by operator.

Due to cutting technology you don’t need using off-market battery molds, and also achieve high accuracy of blocks sizes and shape.

When applying this machine at your plant you reduce your maintenance staff to one person. Blocks quality and high accuracy of sizes answer requirements of the modern standards, so special glues providing low heat conductivity can be used.   


The cutting part consists of roll table and band saw machine which divides mass into blocks.  

After molds disassembling, mass is put with lifting mechanism on the receiving roll table. Then operator turns on band saw drive. Operator moves the machine module by hands, and cuts off a block of required size. Then the machine module returns in its initial position. Ready blocks are stacked on pallet and wrapped with stretch wrap.


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