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Equipment for manufacturing of foamed concrete
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Molds for polystyrene concrete pouring



Molds for manufacturing polystyrene concrete and other types of blown-out concrete define quality of finished products. Right choice of molds guarantees accuracy of obtained blocks sizes. 

Molds for foamed concrete blocks are made of plywood, metal or plastic. Molds price and characteristics depend on material they are made of.  

Innovative molds have metal frame and walls and borders made of water resistant plywood. Metal frame eliminated borders deformation. Key advantage of using molds in polystyrene concrete production is their low cost. Before mixture pouring it is necessary to grease internal surfaces in order to prevent sticking of polystyrene concrete to mold borders, basement and walls.

Metal and plastic molds require minimal quantity of grease.

Metal battery molds for polystyrene concrete have high cost and require more grease. Continuous lifetime of these molds depends on operating rules observance.
Offered molds allow getting ready blocks and also masses for following sawing on blocks of desire sizes.

We offer you molds for polystyrene concrete and also drawings for their assembly. Quality molds for polystyrene concrete will work for a long time and provide adequate products level.




Obtained block



FM-0,85 m3

for "ARK" Cutting system


 24 blocks (598*295*198) 
48 blocks (598*295*98)

Metal and plastic mold for foamed concrete, aerated concrete and polystyrene concrete manufacturing. (sizes of obtained mass: 2396*607*598mm.)
FM-0,84 m3
for "ARK" Cutting system



Mold for foamed concrete and polystyrene concrete manufacturing. 
(sizes of obtained mass 1198*598*295 mm)  4 masses 



FM-1,47 m3

 for "ARK" Cutting system


 (sizes of obtained mass:

1198*598*295 mm) 

7 masses 












 Drawings for independent assembly of molds are provided.  


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