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Equipment for manufacturing of foamed concrete
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Aeration system


Set of equipment for aeration systems is meant for adjustment, treatment and control over air flow supplied to elements. Set for loosening system control is used in different industries. 
In any industry where powder and granular materials are used there is a problem of unloading such substances from bulk storages (silos). Material is accumulated in hard-to-reach places, molds on walls, cakes, and so on. As a result product’s density becomes higher and conditions of its transportation worsen. This problem can be solved if using aeration systems which restore normal characteristics of product and make unloading process easier.  
Aeration nozzle (jet) is used in hoppers of small volume and also in hoppers where is no chance to perform erection inside.






Aeration jets are installed outside on silos and other vessels’ walls. It is comfortable also to use aeration system in the existing silos and in cases when there is no access inside vessel. Insert with metal jet is fixed on coupling welded to the silo wall. Then compressed air is connected. 
Nozzles are placed proportionally in lower part of the vessel near discharge opening in 2 or 3 rows (depending on vessel shape and volume). Number and positions for installation depend on material characteristics, hopper dimensions and  angle of cone.



Delivery package includes:

1. Electric valve (1 pc)

2. Solenoid coil (1 pc)

3. Nipple (1 pc)

4. Pressure regulator with moisture separator(1 pc)

5. Pressure gauge (1 pc)

6. Quick-lock slot (1 pc)

7. Air supplying rilsan pipe (10 meters)

8. ??-shaped fitting (3 pcs)

9. ??- shaped fitting (6 pcs)

10. Aeration jets(9 pcs)

11. Ribbon for threaded connections airtightness (1 pc)

12. Control panel

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