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Equipment for manufacturing of foamed concrete
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Independent trials polysterene concrete. Vale dos Sinos, Brasil


It has been 4 years since the EPS concrete production line was commissioned and AVS Concreto leve, Brazilian company, confirms that there is a great demand for the material in the construction market of Latin America.

Thanks to such properties as lightweight, low thermal conductivity, eco friendliness, and fire safety, EPS concrete comes into use in civil and residential construction. AVS Concreto leve held independent trials for EPS concrete in the Technological University Vale dos Sinos. 
The results proved that the material corresponds to all the requirements to its stability, low adsorption humidity, thermal insulation and fire safety, related to CF240 grade, under Report No. 0563/2014, NBR 10636 classification. The state-of- the-art equipment and quality control software enable AVS Concreto leve to manufacture high-quality products.
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